Analysis of the cause of tool wear advertising engraving mac




1) The problem of the tool: mainly refers to the hardness, strength, clarity and special length of the tool of the advertising engraving machine, the smoothness of the rake face of the tool. This requires the user to select the tool before the ad engraving.

2) The engraving material is selected from materials having impurities or too much hardness.

3) The tool that the advertising engraving machine will cut the bottom will cause damage. If the spindle motor speed is too low, it will cause each cutter to rotate greatly, so that the cutting force is large, and the cutter will be damaged. In general, we use a good thing with a higher spindle speed.

4) The stability of the power supply of the advertising engraving machine: If the power supply is unstable, it will cause the engraving machine tool to be damaged.

5) Whether the engraving machining allowance is reasonable or not, whether there is a stepped pad, so that when the process will change the cutting force vibration, which leads to the crushing tool, it is necessary to increase the semi-finishing.

6) If the machine is working on the engraving machine and the fixture, the chuck and nuts are good. The tool comes out big or small, it is very important, and often it happens here without paying attention.

7) The wood carving priority mode is correct or not. On the machine, it directly affects the start, the starting speed is higher and the vibration is more likely to occur, which easily leads to the damage of the tool.

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