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Many of the customers in the ad, for most of the work to do, are now cutting characters. The traditional advertising focus is changing. Many customers have small sculpture badges, and now, many advertisers buy advertising CNC 镂 milling characters before purchasing the device. This type of customer has a high speed demand, because of the short time, only the fastest, most efficient engraving machine can meet the needs of this advertiser.

     For this type of customer, Longdiao launched the 1325 high-speed advertising engraving machine. High speed, fast and efficient: the main features of this type of engraving machine. The engraving speed is as high as 28 meters per minute, which is difficult to see in the engraving. We will give you an example to understand the speed. As for the most common model 1224 advertising engraving machine, its flying speed can be as high as 8 meters per minute, that is, the speed of high-speed engraving machine is more than three times that of ordinary advertising engraving machine!



Speed is the feature of the device, in addition to the stability of the equipment, engraving power, processing power is also the leader in advertising engraving machine. The dual motor drive setting makes the equipment more stable and ensures high-speed operation of the country. It has a high-power spindle engraving machine with high strength and high-speed cutting of hard materials.

    If you are interested in this 1325 high speed advertising engraving machine, you can call Longdiao at 0086-10-58412989. We will accompany you to purchase the suitable equipment.

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