Beijing Longdiao After-sale service

In order to reduce the client's investment risk, Beijing Longdiao Nc Equipment Co.,LTD provides free sample making service. Through on-site sample making, customers can fully understand the equipment performance and judge whether the equipment meets the use requirements.

1. During the installation and debugging of the machine tool, it shall be installed at the position you specify according to your requirements. At the same time, all the technical parameters of the machine tool must meet the company's standards;

2. Our employees shall not ask you for installation and debugging fees during the installation and debugging process.

3. After the installation and debugging of the machine tool reaches your requirements and company standards, you must get your signature, and the installation and debugging will be completed;

4. When there is a problem with the equipment, the maintenance engineer can arrive at the customer's site in the first time, and the customer can also solve the problem through telephone consultation. The whole machine maintenance team can provide customers with professional and regular maintenance services according to their needs.

5. After you purchase the machine, our company will be responsible for the upgrade of your machine tool system for a long time. During the warranty period, we will not charge you any fees.

6. In order to better protect your interests and better supervise the words and deeds of employees, our company will arrange special personnel do telephone follow-up, and severely punish employees who violate the company's rules and regulations!

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