How to solve the problem of the advertising engraving machine


     First, the advertising engraving machine spindle motor is hot:

Solution: First check if the pump is working, and if you want to see if the circulating water is low.

     Second, I feel that the motor has no strength and can't turn:

Solution: Check the circuit to check if the motor line is out of phase or if the cable is shorted.

     Third, the motor makes a strange sound:

Solution: Check if the motor is overloaded; there may be a fault inside the motor, and it should be repaired or replaced in time.

     Fourth, the motor reverse:

Solution: Check directly if the motor line is out of phase or swap the output UVW end.


     The check steps are as follows:

1. Unplug the aviation plug corresponding to the fixed axis of the advertising engraving machine;

2. Then insert it into the drive corresponding to the movable shaft and observe the phenomenon. If the movement is normal, if it does not move, it means that the cable or the motor is faulty. If it needs to be replaced in time, it means that the drive block corresponding to the axis of the advertising engraving machine is damaged and needs to be replaced.

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