LD-1615 axis cylinder CNC



Characteristics of the:

At 200mm in diameter and 1500mmEngravable at 200mm in diameter, 1,500mm in length. The welding stress of bed and thick wall square pipe frame is eliminated. Good rigidity, no deformation.

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LD - 1615 cylinder axis engraving machine engraving machine can be applied to LD - 1615 cylindrical shaft can be found in the cube and cylinder engraving like marble, hardwood, white marble carving handicraft cylinder processing, density board, aluminum-plastic plate, ABS, acrylic, PVC, solid widely used real wood door and all kinds of decorative materials. The hardwood, white marble carving handicraft cylindrical handle and so on. 

Characteristics of the:


1. The welding stress of thick wall square pipe frame of family Longdiao woodworking router is eliminated. Good rigidity, no deformation.

2. The Y-axis is driven by double motor, rack transmission, precision gear, power, and stable operation.

3. Four-axis control system, imported servo motor.

Taiwan guide rail and screw are of good quality.

5. When carving the diameter of 200mm, when carving the diameter of 1,500mm, the length of 1,500mm is 1,500mm

Because of these unique features, it is widely used in expensive cylindrical processing.




1.Imported ceramic convergence cavity. It is corrosion resistant high temperature of 8-10 years of service life. The xenon lamp has a lifespan of more than 8 million times.

2.Adjustable speed and power, smooth, precise engraving and cutting

3.Able works 24 hours continuously; Stable performance; Free 10,000 hours of maintenance.

4. High efficiency, high speed, slightly deformation, small influence area with fever, high welding quality, pollution-free and green.

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