LD-3030jewelry CNC



Characteristics of the:

Working area: 300X300X120mm working table size: 320X320mm working accuracy: 0.005mm repeated positioning accuracy: 0.05mm

Product details

Jewelry carving machine in jade, jewelry mold processing, can be completed in a one-time embossing, text, artistic modeling, character sculpture very good application. As a manufacturer of jewelry engraving machines with many years of experience, we would like to introduce our main features of jewelry engraving machines.

1. Low failure rate and stable function

2. Full steel frame, high strength and good rigidity

3. Adopt double motor to drive synchronously, with high speed and overall stable operation of Y-axis

4. Good behavior of beams without deformation

Jewelry CNC Application industry:

Jewelry, seals, nameplates, building models, craft accessories, etc。 

Our jewelry engraving machine is made of suitable materials: 
Stone, copper, aluminum, acrylic, double color plate, organic glass, PVC, ABS, bamboo tooth Angle, non-ferrous metal, especially for gold and silver jewelry, spot welding, repair, cladding and welding perforation.

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