LD-7000 Industrial CNC Engraving & Milling Machine



Characteristics of the:

    Product features: Ø Scope of machinable materials: acrylic highlights processing, aluminum plate, copper plate, insulation board, hard wood, honeycomb panel, ABS board, PVC board, wood, organic plate Ø machine structure: gantry structure, mobile platform, the cast iron


    Product details

    Product features:

    Ø Range of processing materials: acrylic high light processing, aluminum, copper, insulation board, electric board, honeycomb board, ABS board, PVC board, solid wood, organic board

    Ø Machine structure: fixed gantry structure, platform movement, machine cast iron

    Ø Material fixation: vacuum suction integrated table with 7.5kw vacuum pump

    Ø Platform structure: aero aluminum table, long - term use without deformation

    Ø Application industry: aerospace, train cars, ships and yachts, rail transit, electrical appliances, electric cabinet boxes, vehicles, curtain wall, architectural decoration, hardware products, aluminum parts, packaging machinery, corrosion protection equipment

Single configuration



Control system

Taiwan SYNTEC engraving and milling machine control system

Spindle power

Original Italian imported HSD 9KW spindle

Drive way

Japan YASKAWA servo motor drive

Number of knife library

8 dao Banks, disc type change dao (optional with bamboo hat type dao library)

The transmission way

Taiwan PMI high precision ball screw

Machine tool structure

Fixed gantry structure, platform movement, machine cast iron

Material fixed

Suction and pressure integrated platform, equipped with 7.5kw tongyou vacuum pump

Dust control system

The Y-axis USES steel protective cover, and the XZ axis USES organ protective cover

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