LD-6000 Metal acrylic high light processing center



Main technical parameters: 1. Working area: 2500 * 1300 * 200mm 2. Control system: NK control system 3


Product details

Applicable materials:


Acrylic, aluminum, copper, insulating board, electric board, honeycomb board, ABS, PVC, solid wood, organic board

Main applications:

1. Transformer factory and insulation material factory produce large transformer insulation parts, laminated wood and laminated board with strong lamination.

2. Train interior, aircraft interior, rail vehicle equipment, automobile interior, aluminum curtain wall.

3. Miniature luminous words, acrylic cutting, carving, chamfering, achieving the mirror effect. Acrylic panel (TV, DVD, etc.) processing. Non - ordinary engraving machine can be compared. There is no need to polish after processing.

4. Woodworking furniture, cabinet doors, acrylic products, exhibition, GRG, plastic plate, conbet plate cutting.

5. GRG,GRC, indoor and outdoor gypsum engineering.

Technical parameter configuration

Work schedule

X 2500 X Y 1300 Z 200mm

The transmission way

XYZ shaft import PMI ball screw

Number of knife library

Four knives, imported from Italy

The highest speed


Vacuum performance

230L/h(7.5KWVacuum pump),Vacuum adsorption table。

The handle diameter

Φ3.175 φ4 φ6 φ12.7 φ14

Carving instruction

HPGL、G   code

The resolution of the


Spindle motor

9KW original imported Italian HSD automatic tool change spindle

The inverter

Taiwan fuling 11kw frequency converter

Tool cooling system

Automatic spray

Automatic lubrication system

Guide screw motor lubrication system

Servo motor power

Yaskawa servo, Japan

XYZ guide

Taiwan HIWIN square linear guide (y-30 guide, x-z 25 guide


PMI ball screw imported from Taiwan

Motion control system

NK260 automatic tool changing system

Motor parts

French schneider electric parts

Mobile way

Table movement mode

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