What are the common failures of cnc routers


What are the common failures of nc routers

1. O NE or triaxial not walking or not walking properly

1. Control whether it is loose or damaged.

2: drive shaft corresponding to defects.

3. Defects of corresponding shaft stepper motor.

4: the corresponding joint is broken or loose.

5: the corresponding screw nut cracked or became defective.

6. Defects are presented on the axis relative to the slider.

7: driver subdivision, current and software setup are different.

2. Depth and depth of P olish are different

1. Control whether loose or defective

2: approaching motor step defects

3: driver failure or current subdivision caused by software Settings

4. Avdeev - shaft motor line defect

5. Motor defects of spindle

6: converter interference or incorrect data setting

7: electrostatic interference

8: computer viruses or system problems



3. C Ivan

1: control card defect

2: converter interference

3: wrong way to file

4: electrostatic interference

5: set up problematic software

6: drive defect or current breakdown setting is incorrect

7: defect of data cable

8: the computer has a virus or system problem

4. Small pindle stop

1: internal short circuit of spindle

2: current shield

3. Incorrect parameter Settings of frequency converter, or its own shortcomings

4: control card defects

5: short circuit of spindle or data cable

His machine can't be put in place properly

1: in the opposite direction

2: defects or looseness of the control card

3: limit switch or data line failure

4: driver defects

5. Approaching defect of motor step

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