D-M1313A Automatic tool changing machining center



    Mini word acrylic high light processing center and organic glass engraving machine: mini lamp, acrylic cutting, carving, chamfering, mirror effect. Acrylic panel treatment


Product details

Applicable fields: 

1. Small text acrylic high light processing center and organic glass engraving machine: mini lamp, acrylic cutting, carving, chamfering, mirror effect. Acrylic panel (TV, DVD, etc.) handling. Unlike ordinary engraving machine. No need for post-treatment sanding.

2. Aluminum treatment: aluminum plate cutting, drilling, carving, aluminum processing.

Large transformer insulation, laminates, laminates produced in transformer factory, insulation material factory. A powerful laminates treatment is mainly used for: 3.

4. Aluminum plate processing center, aluminum honeycomb plate processing center: inside the train, inside the aircraft, rail vehicle equipment, automobile interior, aluminum plate curtain wall.

5.Longdiao CNC machining center can be used in the wood CNC engraving machine and wood cabinet door processing center: wooden furniture, cabinet door, acrylic products, exhibition, radio and television express, plastic board

6.Wax mold processing center: GRG, GRC, indoor and outdoor plaster


Working area: 1300 x 1300 x 200 mm

Transmission: XYZ shaft adopts imported PMI ball screw

Quantity of knives: 4 weekly tools imported from Italy

Maximum speed; 35 m/min

Vacuum performance: 230L/H (7.5kw special vacuum pump)

The handle diameter: 3.175 phi Φ 4 6 12.7 phi phi phi 14

Command: HPGL, G code

Machining accuracy: 0.005 mm

Spindle: Italy HSD 9.0KW air cooling (with ATC)

Spindle speed: 0-24000rpm

Self-lubricating system

Automatic lubrication of lead screw

The style of work

Yaskawa servo driver


Taiwan HIWIN square line (Y-axis guide 30, x-z guide 25)

Control system: NK300 automatic tool changing system (or new generation from Taiwan)

Movement mode: move the workbench

   This automatic engraving machine is suitable for the processing of various complex products, with a wide range of functions: all machinery and electrical components are manufactured by top international brands


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