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LD-Y1325 Twin Screw Machining Center

  • ld-y1325-twin-screw-machining-center


X Y Z axis travel: 1300mmx2500mmx200mm XY feed rate: 30m/min Z feed rate: 15m/min

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X Y Z axis travel: 1300mmx2500mmx200mm XY feed rate: 30m/min Z feed rate: 15m/min

Complex shapes machined to precise tolerances at high processing speeds require accuracy that only CNC technology can deliver. Creating highly detailed components from costly raw materials leaves no room for error. CNC routers and machining centers eliminate human error while performing tedious and dangerous tasks endlessly, shift after shift, year after year.

Reduced waste with maximum material yield
Motion control and programmability
Precision selection of processes on two or more axes of the working parts simultaneously

CNC Machine Center (CNC Router Machining Center)
1.Gantry Structure Widening thicker heavier gantry, after finishing machine, make sure
the goal is not deformed, rigidity, ensure cutting and  engraving  finish.
2.The whole bed by vibration aging treatment, be sure to use solid shape.
3. Adopting strictly  control motor drives, power, high precision.
4. The XY axis high-precision rack drive, the Z axis ball screw Germany, high accuracy,
stable   transmission.
5. The imported linear square rails, to ensure the accuracy of the machine can withstand large
6. The excellent mechanical and electrical design, selection of famous brand electrical
accessories,  the failure rate to a minimum.
7. It has a breakpoint, continued carving capabilities.
8.The intelligent protection work table tops to prevent misuse, which may cause damage.
Intelligent processing cross-border protection, to prevent over processing format board design
of mechanical collision caused the phenomenon.

X Y Z axis travel: 1300mmx2500mmx200mm
XY feed rate: 30m/min
Z feed rate: 15m/min
Repeatability: +/-0.03mm
Clamping means: (Eight partitions vacuum cups)
Spindle model: HSD 9KW ATC
Spindle speed: 24000rpm
Spindle chuck: ER32/ ISO30
Magazine: Taiwan imported 8 disc magazine ATC system
Transmission: X Y Z screw drive (Y-axis dual screw)
Power requirements: three-phase, 380 volts
Total power: 15KW

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