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LD-S1325 Three Steps Wood Door Engraving Machine

  • ld-s1325-three-steps-wood-door-engraving-machine


This model of CNC wood engraving machine is mainly used as woodworking machinery, mainly applied in the areas of furniture industry for decoration and handcraft making industry. Can be used for wooden door, wood window frame processing, wooden handcrafts

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1. the three -process  engraving  machine ,  automatization  and  intelligent , economic , changing  the knives  by  itself

2. three  spindle axis , changing by itself and  finishing  the all  processes .

3. controlling  system: NK105DSP, U disk  output

4. adopting  the most  stability  importing fitting  parts

5. working  on  diameter 200mm, length 1500mm

6. we  have  different  model and  size  to  choose


CNC Router  is  mainly  applied in wood working  industry, furniture industry for furniture decoration, wooden door and

window frame processing, and wooden handcraft making industry,manufacturing  sewing machine table and cabinet panels, etc. Our CNC Router not only applied  for wood engraving, wood cutting ;

but also  can be used for engraving on Acrylic Engraving, Acrylic Cutting, PVC Engraving, PVC Cutting ,Stone Engraving Stone, Metal Engraving, Metal Cutting, etc.

Outer dimension


X,Y axis travel


Z axis travel


Max engraving speed


Command code

G code.uoo.mmg.plt

Software operating environment


Work voltage


Spindle power

4.5KW*3 air cooling

Spindle rotating speed


Work mode


High quality accessories
Long service life
High accuracy working performance
Simple and Reasonable design, easy for operation

Operation attentions:
After scheduling shcarving position, you must have the cnc wood carving machine workpiece coordinate value on X, Y, Z all classified as "0".

Adjust engraving speed and electric principal axis speed to a smooth rotation speed in case of carving knife breaking due to too fast or too slow speed.

When engraving, you can first slow down the knife speed.

If you do not use the woodworking cnc router for long time, remember to refuel it regularly to ensure transmission system flexibility. 

The cnc wood carving machine working time should not more than 10 hours. Keep cooling water clean and pump normal operation. Make sure that to replace cooling water.

Every time finishing the usage of woodworking engraving machine, you must have the dust on the platform and driving system cleaned.
Operators should better wear a dust mask and protection goggle to avoid dust generated during processing into the human body, causing discomfort.  

For daily maintenance, it is better have a dust-proof device.
Woodworking engraving machine working precision improvement methods:

In order to make more delicated wood, we need make sure the wood engraving work accuracy. Before starting work, we can make calibration work. The following are two main methods for calibration:

By hand: we can lower down the woodworking cnc router plane line and then do manual measurement. Of course, table material will affect the results of measurements, so we need take it into consideration.

By computer: it is easy than manual adjustment,however,much complex. Operators can turn on the engraving machine settings panel to make settlement.

LD-S1325 Three Steps Wood Door Engraving Machine is the new and hot-selling product of Longdiao cnc wood carving machine supplier. The carving effect is clear and dedicate. Contact us to get our new product in low price.

What's more, LONGDIAO CNC router is not only applied for wood engraving and cutting, but also can be used for Acrylic and PVC materials engravings and cuttings, stone engraving, metal engraving and cutting, etc.

For more info, please don't hesitate to contact Longdiao sales representative with details.

Contact person of Foreign Trade Department:Mary,  Tel: +86-18611771807


LD-S1325 Three Steps Wood Door Engraving Machine LD-S1325 Three Steps Wood Door Engraving Machine

LD-S1325 Three Steps Wood Door Engraving Machine

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