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LD-M2513 Machining Center

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Working area:2500×1300×200mm Control system:NK control system Spindle:Italy HSD 9KW Air Cooling (with automatic tool change) Drive motor :Japan YASKAWA servo motor Quantity of tool magazine:4 sets(optional 6 sets)

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Applicable materials:

Acrylic, aluminum plate,copper plate,insulation plate,bake lite plate,honeycomb plate,ABS,PVC,hardwood,organic board

Main applicable industries:

►Transformer factory,factory of insulation material,processing laminated wood and laminated parts
►Train interiors, airplane interiors, automotive interiors, rail and vehicle equipment,aluminum curtain wall

►Cutting,carving,chamfering on mini light letters and acrylic to achieve mirror effect. Processing all kinds of acrylic panels(TV,DVD and etc.). After processing it no need to polish.

►Wood furniture, cabinet doors, acrylic products, exhibition, plastic plate cutting,camber  Tplate cutting

►GRG, GRC, Indoor and outdoor gypsum processing

Working area: 2500×1300×200mm
Control system:

NK control system


Italy HSD 9KW Air Cooling (with automatic tool change)

Spindle Speed:

0-24000 rpm/min

Drive motor: Japan YASKAWA servo motor
Quantity of tool magazine:

4 setsoptional 6 sets

Transmission style:

Taiwan PMI ball screw, high precision, stable transmission

XYZ Guide: Taiwan HIWIN square straight line(Y axis 30 guide,X Z axis 25 guide)
Working accuracy: 0.005mm
Max. Speed: 35m/min
Knife Handle Diameter: Φ3.175, Φ4, Φ6, Φ12.7, Φ14
Command: HPGL, G code
Moving Mode: Table Moving
Vacuum performance: 230L/h(7.5KW special vacuum pump)
Self-lubrication system: Guide screw automatic lubrication system

Italian original HSD9KW, speed 24000RPM automatically change tool spindle, high speed, smooth cut, cut transparent acrylic free

polishing can reach the mirror effect, strength, service life up to a maximum of 20 years. The advertising cnc router machine comes standard with 4 imported knife, automatic tool change, save manual tool changing.

CNC machining center improves work efficiency

Suction pressure integration platform,7.5KW vacuum pump equiption,the pump is assembled with relief valve and silencer,fix well

material,In the working process the material does not vibrate, so it can  improve the cutting surface finish.

PMI 3220 XY axis adopt imported ball screw with high precision and smooth transmission to improve the processing finish.

Excellent electro mechanical design and and other electrical accessories with famous international brands

Gantry of fixing structure, transom fixed,moving platform,  adopt imported gantry milling and planer finishing, improve the overall

accuracy of the machine assembly.

It has a break point, continued carving capabilities.

Intelligent protection work table of cnc machine router can  prevent the wrong operation and other possible surface damage.

LD-M2513 Machining Center is the new and hot-selling product of Longdiao CNC machining center supplier. The carving effect is clear and dedicate. Contact us to get our new product in low price.

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