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LD-E2513 Industrial Machining Center

  • ld-e2513-industrial-manufacturing-and-processing-center


Control system:Taiwan SYNTEC Spindle :original Italy HSD 9KW automatic tool change spindle(air cooling) Drive motor :Japan YASKAWA servo motor

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Mainfunctions of LD-E2513 Industrial Manufacturing And Processing Center:

cutting, engraving, drilling, milling, slotting, trimming, aluminum material

Applicable material:
It is capable of carving on acrylic,insulating plate, aluminum plate, copper plate,  bakelite plate, ABS, PVC, hardwood, honeycomb plate,Organic board

Application industries of LD-E2513 Industrial Manufacturing And Processing Center:

aerospace, architectural decoration, electrical appliances, train, ship, yacht, rail transit, curtain wall, electric cabinet box, vehicle, a, hardware, anti-corrosion equipment, aluminum parts, packaging machinery, etc.

Control system: Taiwan SYNTEC
Spindle: original Italy HSD 9KW automatic tool change spindle(air cooling)
Drive motor: Japan YASKAWA servo motor
Quantity of tool magazine 8 sets,straight-line tool change style(optional hats)
Transmission style: Taiwan PMI ball screw, high precision, stable transmission
Machine body structure: good rigidity gantry,moving work table,cast iron in one.
Fixing-material: suction pressure integration platform,aluminum alloy worktable,long-term use of non deformation,with 7.5KW vacuum pump
Dust-proof: Y axis standard with steel shield, AZ axis standard with organ shield.

Industrial machining center is widely used in processing, and mold processing, parts processing and metal processing. Brand name, badges, models, parts, seals, cutting the word advertising, artwork and other decorations all can be made by industrial machining center. It achieves work through computer’s aid and industrial machining center NC system.
Industrial machining center is a common machinery use in processing and manufacturing which belongs to CNC machine tools mainly for engraving and milling machine-based use. CNC engraving and milling machine appears significantly to fill the CNC machine tools deficiencies.

Maintenance of industrial machining center:
Check whether spindle cooling system is functioning properly.
Check if the spindle is functioning properly or there is any abnormal sound
Check whether each axis is functioning properly, there is any abnormal sound on the machine and if the vibration is too large.
Check if the bold hydraulic system pressure is normal( the common is about 3Mpa. And make sure whether mounted workpiece is correct and reliable.
Check whether the external power supply system is good, if not, you can not force to turn on so as not to damage the machine.
Make sure if the bold coolant level is normal,there is leakage or not. If the coolant deteriorate, replace it right away.
Check if oil reservoir’s oil level of lubrication system  is normal and  observe the oil marking.

Our service:
1. The guarantee period is one year
2. We offer 24-hour technical support, you can either  email or calling at any time.
3.User-friendly English manual for machine using and maintaining
4. We provide you with free technician training for large customers

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:
1.Standard export packaging
2. Customized packaging

With the perfect product quality, the excellent operation mode, and after-sales service, our company have wan the trust of users of all levels.
Excellent management, efficient operation, and a large number of professional and technical personnel enable the company steadily
development. Our brand “Longdiao” carving has a considerable reputation in the domestic similar products. Milling and engraving machine, cnc router machining center and other related products are all available in Longdiao.

Longdiao will send professional technical staff to your factory who are responsible for cnc milling machine intalltaion. They are able to share the latest technique and operation with works. So you should not worry about how to operate the cnc engraving machine and how to diagnose the cnc engraving machine such problems.

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