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LD-6090 Advertising Engraving Machine

  • ld-6090-advertising-engraving-machine


The work area of ld-6090 advertising engraving machine with aluminum is 600X900X100mm.And the spindle speed is 0-24000 rpm / min.

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Work area:




Work area:


Table size:


Mesa structure:


Working accuracy:


Repositioning accuracy:


XYZ-axis drive:

screw drive

Max. no-load speed:

8 m / min

Max. operating speed:

6 m / min

Spindle speed:

0-24000 rpm / min

Operating voltage:



G code/mmg/plt/

The common carving materials and application scope:
Common carving materials: color board, organic board (acrylic), artificial stone, PVC board, wood, MDF, ABS.
Application scope: badges, modeling, steel, carved furniture, gifts, souvenirs, handicrafts,sign making, prototype, drilling, printing die cutter, cutting the word advertising, advertising light boxes carving production and etc.

Using attentions:
Never install advertising carving machine when thundering or lightning. Do not install power outlets in wet areas and do not touch uninsulated power cord.

The operators must have undergo a rigorous training. During operation you must pay attention to personal safety and the safety of the cnc machine router and strictly follow the rules to operate cnc machine router.

The power supply voltage requirements between 210V and 230V. If the power supply voltage is unstable or there are some high-power electrical equipment surrounded, be sure that the advertising carving machine is operated by skilled operators and choose stable voltage.

The advertising carving machine should be grounded, not to insert hot-plug data cable in charge state.

Operators are not allowed to wear gloves and better wear protective goggles.

The cutlery must be installed and clamped well to keep it sharp for dull knife will decrease cnc machine router engraving quality.

Since the materials and processing methods varies in the working, operating parameters of the cutlery are not the same, you need make some adjustment.

Do not put your finger under cutlery, do not remove the cnc machine router engraving head for other use purposes.

Do not exceed the machining working range, cut off the power when you do not work. When move machines, you need professional guider beside.

Advertising carving machine being used for material process should be in accordance with the intended use of the machine, if being used to process inappropriate material, the engraving machine work accuracy will be reduced.

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