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LD-3030 Jewelry Engraving Machine

  • ld-3030-jewelry-engraving-machine


Working area: 300X300X120mm Table size: 320X320mm Working accuracy: 0.005mm Repositioning accuracy: 0.05mm

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Jewelry engraving machine is well applied in the processing of jade, jewelry mold, which can finish jade card embossing, text, art modeling, characters sculpture at one time. As a jewelry engraving machine manufacturer with years of experience, we would like to introduce the main characteristics of our jewelry engraving machine.

1, Stable function with low failure rate
2, Full steel frame, high strength, good rigidity
3,Y axis using the double-motor synchronizing drive, high speed, overall smooth operation
4, Good behavior of beams, not deformed

Jewelry engraving machine application industry:
jewelry, chops, nameplates, building models, craft accessories, etc.

Applicable materials of our jewelry engraving machine:
Stone,copper, aluminum, acrylic, color board, plexiglass, PVC,ABS, wood, Horn, nonferrous metal, and so on, especially for the perforating of gold and silver jewelry, spot welding, repairing, inlay and welding of claw.

Jewelry Engraving Machine Parameter:

Working area: 300X300X120mm 300X300X120mm
Table size: 320X320mm
Working accuracy: 0.005mm
Repositioning accuracy: 0.005mm
X  Y  Z axis drive: X  Y  Z-axis screw drive
Max. no-load speed: 8m/min
Max. operating speed: 6m/min
Spindle power: 1.5kw
Spindle speed: 0-24000 rpm/min
Power supply: 220V/60Hz
Instruction: G code/mg/plt/
Control systems: DSP
Equipment size: 660*600*700m
Total weight: approximately 300 kg

Jewelry engraving machine can achieve automatically carving of some text or pattern on the jade and stone. It can also be used to carve other material. In the past, it is carved manually. With the development of stone engraving machine, it has completely replaced manual carving.
Jewelry engraving machine has the advantages of high precision and small errors. With imported  high precision ball screw, the carved products are smooth enough with no rough sense, nor traces left. Jewelry engraving machine can work continuously and silently. Inside has specifically built-in jewelry design software, friendly an easy operation. Our products use imported circuit chip of drive control to ensure high reliability and stable performance.

With quality products and reasonable price, Longdiao jewelry engraving machine manufacturer has won trust of many customers around the world. We are striving to provide you with affordable one-stop services. We can also custom different models according to your requirements. We are sincerely looking forward to your cooperation! 

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