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LD-1325F Wood Engraving Machine

  • ld-1325f-wood-engraving-machine


Spindle motor: 6KW air-cooled spindle (optional Italy HSD spindle motor) Table: suction pressure vacuum one platform, with a 5.5KW air-cooled vacuum pump

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1 Furniture: Wooden Door/Cabinet/Chair/Office furniture/Wooden Window and other woodwork.
2 Wooden Production:sewing machine table/Voice Box/Instrument/game cabinet/.
3 Decoration: Acrylic/PVC/MDF/Artificial Stone/PMMA/Plastic

Features of Longdiao Wood CNC Machine:

Spindle motor: 6KW air-cooled spindle  (optional Italy HSD spindle motor)

Rail: Original Silver Fang regulation

Table: suction pressure vacuum one platform,  with a 5.5KW air-cooled vacuum pump

Transmission: XY gear rack drive, the Z-axis imported screw drive

The control system:the Weihong system, equipped with a wireless controller

Independent double-headed

Wood carving cnc machine highly improve the work efficiency and lower down process cost.
It is with high work accuracy and fast work speed, also with stable mechanical performance
Using the most advanced numerical control system
Cnc router machine woodworking is equipped with the standard device.
Intelligent work table can protect table from damage caused by improper operation.

With the development of modernization and industrialization, industrial mechanization of agricultural production tends to be more intelligent. The machinery and equipment to simple, smart model is also a assured trend.

Wood carving cnc machine now is more and more used in various industries. Among those industries, wood carving cnc machine in all sectors are most commonly used. Ten years ago, engraving machine has been applied to wooden doors, cabinets, furniture engraving. Now engraving penetration rate has reached as high as 95%. Cnc router machine woodworking provide much convenience for industry production. However, simple and traditional cnc wood router can not satisfy modern production needs. Multi-process engraving machines with automatic tool change features are more and more popular.

As a comprehensive famous wood carving cnc machine supplier, Beijing Longdiao NC Equipment Co., Ltd has rich experience in producing excellent engraving machines. Strict management and exquisite technology enable the company to develop steadily. The main products in Longdiao are: stone engraving machine, cnc wood router, metal engraving machine, advertising engraving machine, relief engraving machine,  laser engraving machine, plasma cutting machine. If you are interested in our products, feel free to contact us.

Our service:
1. The guarantee period is one year
2. We offer 24-hour technical support, you can either  email or calling at any time.
3.User-friendly English manual for machine using and maintaining
4. We provide you with free technician training for large customers

E-mail: chinacncrouter@longdiaocnc.com
Tel: +86-010-58412989

LD-1325F Wood Engraving Machine
LD-1325F Wood Engraving Machine

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