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LD-1325 Building Models Engraving Machine

  • ld-1325-building-models-engraving-machine


Powerful, easy to use, rugged, reliable performance, and price economy, the main products used in various advertising signs, nameplates, badges, seals, signs, simple molds, craft jewelry, woodworking products, instrument panels, architectural models, etc.

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1, the whole bed of cast iron, long time no deformation in accordance with the requirements of standard industrial manufacturing, to provide you with a firm and stable platform.
Two high-power high-performance water-cooled spindle motor, low noise and low power consumption, and ensure the stability of the device to work long hours.
3, the XYZ axis of German imports of ball screw, so elaborately carved a jagged bottom, smooth contours clear.
4, CNC digital control, the memory of breakpoint, and continue to work to ensure that in the accident (Fault Knive) or the next day.
5, software compatibility, compatible Type3/Artcam/Castmate/Pore/Corelerow /Wentai and other CAD/ CAM software.

6, according to the special needs of the customer, tailored to the specific requirements of various sizes and configurations. : The axis of rotation, vacuum devices, DSP handles, air-cooled spindle, servo drives, the new generation of systems.

Applicable industry and materials of LD-1325 Building Models Engraving Machine:

Our products are powerful, easy to use, rugged, reliable performance, and price economy. With so many advantages, they are well sold.  The main products of our engraving machine are well used in various advertising signs, badges, nameplates, seals, signs, craft jewelry,  instrument panels, simple molds, architectural models,woodworking products, etc.processing and production.

1 Furniture: Wooden Door/Cabinet/Office furniture/Chair/Wooden Window.
2 Wooden production:Voice Box/The game cabinet/sewing machine table/Instrument.
3 Decoration:Acrylic/PVC/MDF/Artificial Stone/PMMA/Plastic.

Using laser cutter technology in model making
Laser cut wood, cardboard, paper, foam, polysterne, foild, films, acrylic, plastics and textiles with a laser machine from Longdiao, making it the perfect tool for producing architectural models and small scale railway scenery.

Maximum precision
From intricate model fences and detailed brickwork houses used in model railway scenery to accurately scaled architectural models for new buildings and developments, utilizing laser machines in the production process offers strong advantages. Create your design in the simple to use CAD software and instantly send to the laser cutter like a printer. Watch as the model is quickly laser cut with optimal precision with no requirements for post cut processing.

Save valuable production time
Reduce production time by up to 80% when laser cutting individual model components compared to manual production. Widen your product range, creating intricate products which would be almost impossible to accurately cut by hand.




Working area


Table size


Mesa structure


Working precision




The X, Y, and Z-axis drive

Screw drive

Maximum no-load speed

8 m / min

Maximum operating speed

6m / min

Spindle power


Spindle speed

0-24000 transfer /min

Operating voltage



G code/mmg/plt/

Control system

Weihong(optional DSPhandle)

As a well experienced engraving machine supplier, LD-1325 Building Models Engraving Machine can be  applied both in woodworking and advertising applications.

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