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Wood engraving machine to make more beautiful carved wooden doors

Time:17 November 2016 Click:430

Wood engraving machine is one of the most commonly used engraving machine, in terms of wood carving it’s widely used, here let’s have a general introduction of positioning woodworking engraving machine.

Positioning first starts from the fixed material, it is not only to say the fixed clamping plate material, but also to put a proper position. With our woodworking engraving machine can accurately material alignment, clamping spindle above a straight knife, the tool will then fall on the table, ran along the side of the material about the use of a direct gap material and tool edge came positive material. After squaring fixed material. Then the next job, the workpiece is to determine the origin of the material.

Determine the X and Y directions are the same way, where we just say the X direction. First by fine-tuning the tool slowly close to the left side of the material, gently rotate the tool until it can just come into contact with the material, and then left at this time of the workpiece X is cleared, and then lift the tool, move to the right , the same is just the tool to the right of access to the material, note the X coordinate of the workpiece at this time. Then this value is the general location of the center of the material in the X direction. Y direction is the same reason. Such wood engraving machine X and Y directions of the center is stabilized, it is equivalent to the origin of the workpiece.

wood door by wood engraving machine

Selection of the main doors of solid wood, especially wood composite material that holds the advantage of avoiding the natural wood easy to crack deformation defects. Selection is important, but in the production process, pay attention to the fine. Traditional handmade crafts has gradually been replaced by machinery production. Woodworking engraving machine as the new darling of wooden doors now has been more and more favored by manufacturers of wooden doors. First, as the mechanized equipment than the artificial production of high efficiency and very low rejection rate. Woodworking engraving machine adopts gantry structure, heavy steel bed, ensure the overall stability of the machine. Rack drive, smooth transmission, to ensure the long high speed run no distortion, no jitter. So elaborately carved wooden doors to ensure the accuracy and beauty of sculpture, thus greatly improving the efficiency in the production of wooden doors.

Traditional hand-made doors do a lot of the time according to the actual artificial factors, low yield and high cost. Now the use of wood engraving machine produced wooden doors, carved screens more sophisticated, and is suitable for mass production.

With the rapid development of real estate, the demand for high-end wooden doors gradually prominent. Using wood engraving machine for solving this problem has played a good role. Choose a good wood engraving machine handy not only in the use, in the production process of the product is better. Essence NC according to the market need to develop the production of various wooden door wood engraving machine engraving Milling best choice. The machine into the market in two years by the vast number of consumers.

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