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Tool Classification of Stone Carving Machine

Time:16 November 2016 Click:370

A Series (ordinary knife-type alloy knife):

High-performance alloy material, double-edged design, favorable sharpness, and cost-effective, easy manual re-grinding. Disadvantages: For its angle is not standard (the tip has a larger angle), the knife is unsuitable for relief. Generally it’s used for carving bluestone and marble!  

B Series (standard angle alloy knife):

The use of high-performance alloy material, double-edged design, standard angle, fine effect of lettering and fine relief. Generally it’s used for carving bluestone and marble! It can be customized and ground into flat-bottom knife.  

C Series (smelting diamond grinding-head knife):

Smelting diamond grinding-head knife adopts military high-tech "smelting diamond technology" for manufacturing! With good sharpness and high carving efficiency, the head will not be deformed, and the carving precision is high! Therefore, when carving marble, bluestone, sandstone and other materials, it’s often used as the first-choice knife for high-efficiency relief as well as the prefect tool for carving big characters.    

D Series (the overall alloy triangular knife):

The overall alloy triangular blade adopts ultra-fine particle and ultra-wear-resistant alloy. Its wear resistance is much higher than those in the market. With standard angle, lettering effect is favorable! A universal grinder customers can use this knife. Otherwise it’s not recommended!  

E Series (PCD polycrystalline diamond knife):

It adopts imported polycrystalline diamond blade, and it’s quality is much superior to domestic blades! Using vacuum welding technology, the blade does not be damaged or fall off; micro-grinding technology optimizes the blade sharpness and strength to the best.   Generally it’s used to carve small granite characters. The machine boasts favorable hardness, long service life and good engraving effect. During use, pay attention to flexible carving and do not carve too forcibly!  

F Series (sintered diamond grinding head):

Sintered diamond grinding head is generally used for granite milling. As the cutter head is made through sintering of multi-layer diamond, it has quite a long service life! The disadvantage is that the sharpness is not high and the head will be deformed. Therefore, when carving marble, bluestone and other materials, in order to enable you to get higher output and engraving effect, do not recommend the use of sintering knife. When processing granite and other materials that are difficult for processing, to avoid high tool costs, choose sintering grinding head knife! 

G series (diamond four edge knife):

It’s generally used for carving small granite characters or line carving. The advantage is long service life, and the disadvantage is relatively poor sharpness, and engraving depth is shallow! Addition: There is no universal stone tool! Only reasonably matched tools can best optimize carving effect and costs!

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