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The Engraving Notices Of Wood Engraving Machine

Time:25 November 2016 Click:1158

People are optimistic toward the development prospects of woodworking engraving machine, for it meets people’s high demand for high quality furniture. The woodworking engraving machine has become the driving force for the development of furniture industry and brought unprecedented convenience to the wood carving industry. Mechanized operation take place of the original conservative manual work, which not only ensure the processing quality of wooden doors, but also greatly enhance the processing efficiency of the wooden doors.


Factors for Impacting product’s quality of engraving machine:

1. Woodworking engraving machine accuracy

It has a direct relationship between the products. According to industry regulations, engraving machine is able to fully meet the standards of finished products with the positioning accuracy of 0.02 mm. Take the wood processing for example, a little error may directly result in the failure of product processing. Therefore, the experience and proficiency of woodworking engraving machine for control personnel are very important.

2. The degree of wood drying

Wood is a decisive impact of the finished product for the engraving machine. Pay attention to its degree of drying while choosing wood, for it is the determine factor which decides the product will curve or not.

3.Tool quality of woodworking engraving machine

The cutting performance of woodworking carving tool has a great impact on the quality of the product’s appearance and the amount of knives also should be to pay attention to. The  high quality of the tool can guarantee the smooth operation of the machine and avoid the situation of knife off, which is an important factor to improve the production efficiency of woodworking engraving machine.

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