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The Dislocation Problem Of Wood Engraving Machine

Time:24 November 2016 Click:1041

The wear of pliers or chucks can cause misalignment of the workpiece. If pliers or chucks are too tight, you can check whether the used pliers or chucks are wrong. The moment the tool tip touches the workpiece can also cause eject of workpiece. For the irregular shape of the workpiece that shake under pressure, you can try to pad some rubbish under the object to increase friction. The other notion is to keep the packaging of the items. Although the object is irregular in shape, its own packaging may be very regular and easy to be fixed with a small tape.


The reason:

---- 1. If the machine operate for a long time, the top wire of the shaft may loose.
---- 2. Engraving machine coupling is lack of lubrication.
---- 3. Each part of the control line has poor contact(power line transmission line).
---- 4. User voltage is too low to reduce the current drive, and the machine does not meet the required parameters. Just like small horse-drawn carts.
---- 5. Data line contact is not good.


---- 1. Fasten the top line of axis in where shaft electric has dislocation problem.
----2. Slightly coat 40# lubricants at the faulty shaft coupling.
---- 3. Remove the wiring and reload.
---- 4. Connect the regulated power and adjust the driver current.

---- 5. Replace the data cable or re-plug the data cable.

The pressure on the front of the workpiece will cause movement  of the workpiece if the engraving machine diamond cutting head has large pressure in the carving process. Such consequence will also appear with wrong diamond tool. A 90- degree or 100-degree diamond knife will engages in the material carving and relief engraver can make the material move in the carving process.

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