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Three new types of woodworking cnc router is recently produced by China Longdiao

Time:17 November 2016 Click:465

As its known to all that woodworking cnc router is widely used for the production of varied kinds of wood doors, cabinet windows and doors, and various wood tables such as computer tables, bedside table, furniture, musical instrument. Just recently at Longdiao, three new types of woodworking cnc router is produced and has been sold home and aboard. Here to introduce them for your reference. If you like them, we are looking forward to your communications and placing orders to us!

1. CNC Side Opening Machine LD-2400 cnc router machine is especially designed for the side hole punching of the furniture, which is easy to operate by workers without too much training, time and labor saving, and helps to realize scan code processing. At well, the machine needs not adjust the ruler repeatedly. Drilling efficiency.

Please check the Parameters:

Working area
Table structure
PVC table
Welded Structure
Transmission type
Helical rack
Max. Rapid Travel Rate
Max. Working Speed
Repositioning Accuracy
Working accuracy
Spindle Power
Taiwan Delta VFD-E
Spindle Speed
Drive Motors
Taiwan Delta servo moror 750W
Working Voltage
AC380V, 50/60Hz, 3Hp
Command Language
G code
Operating System
Taiwan Delta PLC控制系统
Software Compatibility
Automatic single software


cnc router for wood furniture

2. 1325 cnc router has many different types for different applications and customers' requirements, this China woodworking cnc router - three Processes CNC Woodworking Machining Center LD1325 is specially designed and produced for woodworking industry, which is with three auto-changing spindles, greatly to improve the woodworking efficiency. It has 6 main features for woodworking.

1. 6.0KW HSD and 4.5kw HSD spindles, which can be changed automatically with the commands from system.
2. Special processed thick steel pipe structure, well welded, high-precision, no distortion for whole structure and can be used for long life time.
3. Software: CAD/CAM designing software such as Original type3, Artcam pro.
4. Auto lubrication system, easy to operate.
5. Separated control system makes it easy to operate.
6. Stepper motors and the option of Yaskawa or Panasonic Servo motors and drivers, and two motors for Y axis.

China woodworking cnc router 1325 by Longdiao

3. Multifunctional CNC Woodworking Machining Center LD1325K2 features in:

1.Taiwan SYNTEC 6MD Can-Bus control system,Japan YASKAWA servo motor,9 vertical drilling boring unit imported from Italy HSD.The machine with high speed and stability.
2.Automatic nesting software for Plate furniture,the computer automatically optimize demolition,from the 3D rendering to G code,short time,zero error,to improve the utilization of plate.
3.With unique double vacuum table,during the processing,there is no displacement for small panel,smoothly profile.It can cut,drilling and milling one-time completed.
4.Automatic pushing function,it can work together with loading and unloading platform,saving unloading time and improve processing efficiency.
Quality woodworking cnc machining center from China Longdiao
To find more information of these above woodworking cnc router, please go to http://en.longdiaocnc.com/product/wood-cnc-router and you will find the details, or you may contact us directly.

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