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How To Make The Relief Better

Time:4 November 2016 Click:531

A lot of customers choose wood carving cnc machine to process relief, and it is often found in handicrafts, high-end wooden doors, furniture, antique furniture and other products. The pattern of Relief is mostly complex, once the toolpath set is unreasonable, it will make sculpture rough, unsightly. Tool path settings will have a great impact for the quality of relief products, then how to set the path better? Here are some suggestion on how to set up from Wuxi.


Artcam is one of the most commonly used software for engraving path editing of CNC engraving machines. Artcam has become a relatively common woodworking engraving programming software, not only because it is powerful, but the software can also enter some common format of the relief model. The model of CAD format, pro / e format, 3dmax format can be entered into the software inside the programming operation. The following is a brief introduction on how to import a 3D DXF model, then scaling, positioning, and finally pasting it onto an ArtCAM relief.

1, First, take a new file icon from the file toolbar and result in a new file.
2. Enter a height of 100mm, a width of 100mm, and a resolution of 1002 x 1002 dots in the new model size dialog window.
3, Point to accept.
4. Choose File - Import ... - 3D Model Options from the menu options.

Select the dxf model file from the directory, open the model file and it will appear in the three-dimensional view, at the same time, the screen paste 3D model dialog will appears on the screen.
The 3D model can be edited as follows:
1, Specify the model reference X, Y, Z position or center.
2. Rotate around any spindle.
3, Around the X, Y or Z-axis mirror.
4, Adjust the model size - to adjust the size of the model while maintain the proportion or extend the model along an axis.
5, Scale model - scale in proportion or along a certain axis.
After editing, click "Paste", the model will show up. Then we can select the tool to program, and finally save the path file as the specified format file of relief engraving machine. And then you can import to the CNC engraving machine for sculpture.

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