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How to Maintain Stone Router Machine?

Time:17 November 2016 Click:401

The stone router machine places the stone that needs processing and fix it, and then the computer generates engraving program and controls the router machine tool to complete the text and pattern engraving. Stone router machine boasts three-axis linkage and can carry out plane engraving as well as three-dimensional carving.

The stone router machine boasts full automatic computer control, favorable engraving effect and fast speed, saving time and effort. Stone router machine is safe and reliable, and basically needs no attention from people. For how to maintain stone router machine, some customers are not very clear. In the following, Longdiao NC will introduce it to you.

1.The method of ensuring smooth movement of the guide rail and the slide ball

2. Develop a good habit of regular cleaning and lubrication

Now a lot of stone router machines are equipped with manual filling which is not very easy to use. So people should not rely too much on automatic oiling system.

According to the external environment, regularly clean rail surface stains and water stains: First, wipe visible stains on XYZ axes rail surface clean with a piece of cloth, and then brush the 40 motorcycle oil (in winter, 30 oil is not too thick or thin). And then carry out empty running of the three-axis for a few circles. You will find stains on the rails, wipe clean with cloth, and brush a small amount of oil.

If you do not use the machine for more than 2 days, please follow the above method to clean the guide rail and slider, to avoid failure of the slider caused by solidification of stains between balls. To avoid rusting, when people take linear guide rail by hand directly, they should fully wash away hand sweat and operate after smearing high-quality mineral oil. In rainy season and summer, pay special attention to rust protection.

3. Keep the environment clean

Keep the linear guides and their surroundings clean. Even small, invisible dusts can cause wear, vibration, and noise in the guide rails.

Type and Function Introduction of Stone Engraving Machine

Stone carving industry in China is a traditional industry, and is going through major scientific and technological transformation. The retirement of the old masonry and the younger generation’s requirements of high efficiency, mechanization and automation, make stone carving mechanical equipment market develop more quickly. Stone engraving machine is a kind of high-tech automatic engraving equipment that can carve text and graphs on stone. Stone engraving machine can meet the requirements of personalized home improvement, tooling art and design. Besides, it can be used as advanced carving and processing equipment for decoration companies, stone industry and stone carving industry.

Applicable materials of stone engraving machine
Stone engraving machine applies to marble, granite, jade, bluestone, Blackstone and other stone.

Main functions of stone engraving machine
Stone engraving machine can be used for three-dimensional relief, sharp bottom carving, flat carving, line carving, downside, drilling and so on.

Application fields of stone engraving machine
Stone engraving machine is suitable for stone industry, stone tablet processing industry, art relief, and decoration industry.

Types of stone engraving machine
Stone engraving machine can be divided into CNC engraving machine, laser engraving machine, and computer engraving machine.

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