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How To Install The Rotation Axis Of Wood Engraving Machine

Time:21 November 2016 Click:507

With the development of engraving machine technology and the expansion of engraving machine application scope, many customers will choose the engraving machine with a rotary axis in the purchase of wood engraving machine. The four-axis engraving machine coupled with the axis can process some three-dimensional parts and workpieces, such as Buddha dragon pillar, etc. It can not be processed by ordinary wood engraving machine. Longdiao NC Equipment Co., Ltd. will introduce the specific methods of installing rotating shaft:


1.Rotary axis is directly placed on the platform, so the gantry need to increase while Z-axis panel also needs to be increased. The platform size does not affect the process of plane engraving. Rotary shaft can be put on or take out at any time.

2.Put the platform aside. The size of the rotating shaft diameter has effect on whether the gantry need to be increased. The gantry need to be increased if the diameter is big. If the diameter is of 10-15 cm, it is not necessary to increase the gantry. But sometimes the gantry need to be widened for the side of the rotating axis will affect the platform carving size. This depends on the actual needs of customers and customers can look for our pre-sales personnel to resolve the problem.

3.Table sink. If the overall surface sinks, put the rotation axis below the platform and put the platform in the top of the rotating shaft for sculpture. The advantage of this method is that the rotation shaft does not need to move back and forth after fixed and the size of the engraving platform can also be increased accordingly.

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