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How Many Head For Carpentry Relief Engraving Machine Is Good?

Time:4 November 2016 Click:400

Woodworking relief engraving machine is mainly used in carpentry relief processing. This high-precision engraving machine is multiheaded equipment. But how many should customer choose has been a problem. In the different situation, you should choose different sculpture head. Grasp the following the main points, you can buy the most suitable woodworking engraving machine.


1 processing capacity. Put this on the first point, I still have some consideration. Many customers of the processing volume is not much. But taking into account of the future development, they often buy long engraving machine. This should be based on their actual situation, and do not over-exaggerated or just consider the immediate. More than one head is doubling the amount of processing. While too many heads is waste, too little is not enough to use.

2 engraving size of the workpiece. Many people tend to forget the problem. Take the 1325's equipment for example, his horizontal processing width is 1.3 meters. Using him to do four head relief engraving machine, the size of each workpiece must be guaranteed within 30cm (to consider the length of 100cm). If the workpiece is larger than this, it can not be processed. Therefore, you should look at the size of processing while procurement, or the manufacturers and you will be troublesome.

3 plant situation. The manufacturers salesman is not sure about your plant situation, so you must take into account. Long machine shape is very large. If your plant does not fit, it would take more trouble. There was a peer said the problem. It can only be placed on the outside before finding a new plant and put into use which delayed a lot of things.

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