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Reason and Solution of Excessive Temperature of Spindle in Stone Router Machine

Time:31 October 2016 Click:438

During use, several reasons may result in excessive water temperature of stone router machine

1. The machine is on over long time and doesn’t rest

2. The current is too high

3. The water circulation system of the water tank is not smooth and needs cleaning.

Solutions to excessive water temperature:

1. Working environment of stone router machine (room temperature);

2. Working strength of stone router machine, length of carving and cutting time and the required carving power;

3. Water quality problem of circulating water (clean water without foreign matters, purified water suggested);

4. Replace circulating water regularly (once or twice a week or once a day);

5. Consider placing a cooling fan above the existing circulating water container or other stuffs to accelerate the air flow above water surface so as to lower water temperature and ensure work stability of stone router machine.

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