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3D Engraving Methods Of Wood Engraving Machine

Time:22 November 2016 Click:452

While processing the relief by wood engraving machine, 3D sculpture is often used which make the product has the artistic beauty and a strong 3d stereo. This function is mainly achieved when the tool path designing and the tool selection are completed.


Wood engraving machine engraving software has two main processing methods on the "island": island processing and continuous engraving.

The so-called island processing is that use the end of the milling process toward some above-mentioned unprocessed area. Define its overlap percentage when clearing the milling base.

The continuous engraving method is to continue the three-dimensional machining toward the area where the above-mentioned milling is a plane as the initial plane. So that the depth of the actual carving may be greater than the designing depth, but it can not exceed the height of the blade plus the handle. You can modify the pick angle distance appropriate, which is the three-dimensional clearance angle processing parameters. When machining larger objects or using a thicker tool, the pick angle distance can be increased accordingly. In general, it is recommended to use the default value of 0.1 mm. If the pick angle is too small, it may make too many pick angle times which impact the actual processing effect of wood engraving machine.

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